Monday, March 3, 2008

Frickin´ Technology!!!!

I just wrote well over a page and this dag gum´ piece of junk machine lost it all. I apologize, but regretfully, you all are going to have to wait a little more. I´m so irate right now, oooooooohhhh!! I gotta get outta here and cool off. This really pisses me off.


Mitchell said...

Big Bones in any situation such as that I always ask myself one question
What would Dean Reece do? Now my friend, don't you feel better. No worries buddy, can't wait for another story. Much Love

Genny said...

Tis the only thing I hated whilst abroad-- technology stinks everywhere!

But hey wanted to let you know that I got into the University of CHicago!! Now you HAVE To come visit!! I miss you!
Genny Castillo