Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nascar-ish....On a DIRT ROAD in the middle of NOWHERE!!!

At this point, as the adventurous weekends seem to integrate themselves as a part of daily life, I´m realizing that my leisure time and recreational experiences are comparable to the hosts on cable T.V. Yeah, I´m that frickin American guy on the Travel Channel that gets all caught up in the middle of some culture far away, and gets his mind blown by the hour as the viewers at home wonder, "geez, that lucky son of a gun....and this guy is getting paid on top of that!!!" Unfortunatley, I´m not getting paid....yet,....but with all these novel worthy, unforgettable moments, a dollar don´t mean squat, period. Alright, enough gloating about "The Goodness," let´s get some meat on the table here!!! Unfortunatley we don´t have a "Rally" in the States, some of you may have seen it on ESPN Extreme or something of that nature, but Córdoba for dang sure does!!! It happens to be a host to one of the circuits throughout the worldwide competition. This "Rally" is essentially a race that takes place in the middle of the mountains, desert, jungle, or any other "middle of nowhere" style atmosphere, that incorpates high performance, b-a cars that haul nuts down dirt roads through a combination of obstacles and turns that would seem to create a "slow" pace for the drivers. Well, it is quite the opposite my friends. These boys, known as pilots here, have no doubt, lost their minds years ago. You would not believe the speed that these automobiles travel on these, again I stress, DIRT ROADS. In order to remain so calm and navigate these beast machines with such accuracy and precision at such a pace, they all must have some genetic defect and lack the ability to produce adrenaline, therefore making a trip at 120 miles an hour on a strip of raw dirt intended for a horse and buggy feel like eating a bowl of Cheerios on a Wednesday morning. The daily competitions last about 3 hours a day, a grueling length in my opinion to maintain such speeds, and a few days from city to city. I don´t recall what the location was before Córdoba but the next stop is Mexico. My crew and I arrived late Friday night to a random spot about 3o feet off to the right of a portion of the track. This atmosphere was so wild. The law here in Córdoba states that 30 meters on both sides of the road belongs to the government making it possible for anybody and everybody to camp wherever you feel like, for free!!! Of course some of the crew had already setup shop earlier that afternoon, so at the point we arrived, the action was already taking place at full speed. (I´m posting this now so I don´t lose any information, but no worries, parting is coming right behind it. Hold strong!)

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