Friday, May 23, 2008

Argentina, scattered, smothered, covered....

This is a quick cultural sandwhich, with everything on it, I just felt like throwing out there for all you folks. Some interesting aspects of Argentina that an American whos never left the red, white, and blue soil would never think anything about. This is gonna come out as random as my mind creates it, and we all know how shot-out that can be at times, so here we go. All the gardners here work out of three different means of transportation, 1. a pull behind cart with big wheels (like the chinese taxis you´ve seen sometimes in films), 2. this same cart attached to a bicycle (never knew bikes had trailer hitches did you, me neither, but they do) 3. same cart again but pull by a motorcycle. These ole boys load these jokers down with everything as well; weed eaters, lawnmowers (make note the both of these appliances are always electric) extension cords, ladders, I´m talkin´ the bloody works to do all kinds of stuff to any plant product. These boys live out the example of "where theres a will theres a way." There are lines here in Argentina for everything. Whether it be at the post office, grocery store, especially the government traffic building (hallelujah, that beast is blown up unbelievably every single day of the week, from sunrise to sunset. A line that looks like some mutated boa constrictor made of people laid out to take in the sun´s rays. I´ve no idea what´s happenin there.) They love to rig stuff here to the point it only functions. Ex. In the new bathrooms here in the computer lab at school not a single one of the men´s bathrooms toilet lids will stay up; taking a leak ends up being an acrobatic feat of cat like balance and hand eye coordination like you wouldn´t believe. Breakfasts involve a coffee, tea, some little pieces of white bread with this sweet caramel style spread called "dulce de leche", and that´s it, suck, swallow, and hit the road. After more than three months I STILL have not gotten accustomed to that one. Lunches are much more heavier thank goodness. The bad part is these folks don´t do supper until 9, 10, or sometimes 11. Everyday of the week all the restaurants are open to at least 12 and throughout the weekend 2 or 3 in the morning is not uncommon. The folks here are also all about this herb called "yerba mate." You put it in a small type of coffee like cup, "the mate" that has no handle, fill the "mate" with the "yerba" (the herb) a little more than halfway, then proceed to put this type of metal straw that is sealed off on the bottom but has holes in it that allow the water infused with the herb to pass through. The interesting part about this experience is everyone uses and drinks from the same straw, called "bombilla", here. It is very common if you encounter someone you´ve never met to share this beverage with them, still using the same straw. I will elaborate more later. I gotta roll outta here now to develop some pictures for my photography class. Pardon the tardiness on the post, I assure you all theres more to come soon. I´m gone!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I see an illustrated, international travel guide like acrobatics and all...always a smile when I read the updates. Much love bro! Roger

Anonymous said...

Hey hey! I'm glad you're having the time of your life! That gardening thing sounds cool! I am working in grounds for the summer so I have become acquainted with 3 different mowers. Man, I would love to drive that motorcycle with somethin on the back! I liked how you described the long lines. The way you talked about the bathroom scenario made me laugh! It is kind of weird to share drinks with strangers, but it's pretty cool, too!
Well, I hope you keep havin fun!
Take care!

Mitchell said...

King Corleone, always a pleasure to hear of the journeys of the Fanny. Scattered, smothered, and covered, makes me think of one thing. "Dang girl $*$$*@#$ is all you got!" J. Robinson Keep livin that life to the fullest

DC said...

Jonah Williams, you are one hard man to contact. I mean, you don't even have a Facebook!! Sheesh. Anyways, I'm hoping that you'll read this sometime soon and send me an email so we can stay in touch. My email is dmc "at" clemson "dot" edu, and I'll be looking forward to an email from you any day now(you do have email, right? ;)).

Oh, and you might be interested to know that I went ahead and signed up for a beginning guitar class this semester--I'm so excited! I had kinda wanted learn for a while, but hearing you play in Argentina... that was just the last straw. So we'll see how it goes (I might be pestering you for pointers periodically).

If you ever want to visit Clemson let me know! I've got a spare bed in my room just waiting for visitors. :)

Until then, God bless and keep making music!

Tu amigo,
David Christopher

Ally Nafziger said...

JONAH!! I just saw you in the cc-cs newsletter! wow, I don't even know what to say! I hope that you are doing well and enjoying life to the fullest. If you get the chance drop me an email sometime!

I'd love to hear from you!
much much love